En Español: Far from Venezuela, Iowa City is uncomfortably calm (trans.)

Venezuelan writer Enza García Arreaza, a 2017 resident in the University of Iowa's International Writing Program, offers some thoughts on her time in Iowa City. Translated from Spanish to English.

Little Village is an Iowa City-based magazine published and distributed twice a month.

Teaching Translation: Natasha Wimmer

Exchanges launches a new interview series with translators who also teach by speaking with Natasha Wimmer, the Spanish-English translator probably best known for work on Roberto Bolaño's Savage Detectives and 2666.

Exchanges is the journal of literary translation edited by students in the University of Iowa's MFA Program in Literary Translation.

Forty-five Years After Its Publication, John Brooks ’42’s Business Book Is a Hit

Princeton Alumni Weekly reports on how John Brooks' out-of-print Business Adventures shot to the top of bestseller lists after Bill Gates called it the best business book he's ever read.

Princeton Alumni Weekly is Princeton University's editorially independent alumni magazine.